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Neon Belly Cafe - 22" x 30" - First Edition Screen Print

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Neon Belly Cafe

This piece was inspired by the early-animation era, it was so new and exciting back then. People were inventing new techniques and styles constantly (sounds a lot like the modern BJJ era).

Aside from that, I really like the idea of a ‘grapplers-diner’ called the ‘Neon Belly Cafe’. This design was meant as a would-be mural that could be painted inside. Maybe that will be real one day, but for now, please enjoy this hand made screen print.

  • Limited run of 10, hand printed & numbered

  • 22” x 30” inches

  • Black and Gold ink silkscreen print

  • 100% Cotton Archive Paper by Legion Paper

  • ‘Natural’ Color paper

  • Would look great at home or in an academy

  • For framing enquiries please use the contact information below

Any questions can be directed to @bainstore on IG or