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Neon Belly Cafe - Premium Long Sleeve Tee - White/Cream

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Neon Belly Cafe

This continuation the 'Neon Belly Cafe' range is extra special. Printed on super comfy Uniqlo long-sleeve tees, these are perhaps the nicest pieces of casual wear I've printed to date. These are made as a one-off special batch.

The garment it described as white but leans slightly to the warm/cream/off-white side. Black ink screen print.

Scroll the gallery for a look at the screen print, and even the actual 'Neon Belly Cafe' featured in my very own video game 'Open Mat Adventures!' If you'd like to find it for yourself, you can play the game right here. Welcome to the weird world of BAIN!

Screen-print done by hand. Carefully crafted in small limited-stock batch.

100% Cotton - Uniqlo Fashion Cut Blank.

Printed & Shipped from Vancouver, BC.