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Children Of Ezekiel - The Wanderer - Tee

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The Children Of Ezekiel is our homage to one of our favorite GI chokes. Part one shows the choke as a stone temple where a cult of post-apocalypse-nomad-BJJ-teens have made it their home. Part two delves into the crypts below where we find some of the last remaining shrines to the ‘God’s Of BJJ’.

...And now we bring you part 3, depicting a pair of wandering nomads on this post apocalypse sci-fi landscape. There’s a lot of mystery to these two characters, perhaps we’ll find out more in a later series.

As we expand this story and world, we hope that you can see what we’re trying to do with our art, and how it can interact with Jiu-Jitsu in ways that hopefully you’ve never seen before. That’s what BAIN is all about, giving you Jiu-Jitsu Art you can wear, roll in, and put on your wall.

This piece is a commission from decorated Berlin artist Chris Matthews, who you may know from our popular 'Flesh and Bone' range.

Available as a White or Heather Grey tee

All 100% cotton and fashion cut, high quality print.